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Giving Societies
Bocconi University is grateful to all individuals and Alumni who personally have chosen to support its initiatives. As a way of acknowledging their commitment and participation, we have established a series of donor groups, each of them associated with a symbol of the University. The total amount of donations received within a single fiscal year determines to which group a donor belongs. If you would like to be one of the first to take part in this initiative...make your donation now!

Pellicani Circle

  • Pellicani Bianchi from 1 to 249 euros
  • Pellicani Blu from 250 to 999 euros
The pelican has been the University's mascot ever since the then Alumni Association (ALUB) chose it as its symbol at the beginning of the last century. Blue and white are the University's colors. Pelicans have been an emblem of altruism since ancient times.

Leoni Circle

  • from 1,000 to 9,999 euros
The lion sculptures, by Arturo Martini, in the entrance hall of the main building at via Sarfatti 25 are the University's symbol par excellence. Tradition has it that you may walk between them only after graduating. Lions represent strength, prudence and courage.

Alloro Circle

  • Alloro Bronze from 10,000 to 49,999 euros
  • Alloro Silver from 50,000 to 99,999 euros
  • Alloro Gold more than 100,000 euros
The laurel (alloro) wreath in the University's crest represents the accomplishment and the good fortune of having achieved knowledge and understanding through sacrifice and dedication. The laurel - laurus in Latin, from which the word "laureate" - is a symbol of victory, knowledge and wisdom. For this reason it is used to crown new graduates.

1902 Loyalty Society

This society recognizes all donors who have supported the University for at least two consecutive years. It commemorates the year in which Ferdinando Bocconi, by donating part of his own estate, founded Bocconi University in memory of his son, Luigi.

Ettore Bocconi Society

This society comprises all donors who have made a bequest to the University. Ettore Bocconi, son of Ferdinando and brother of Luigi, led the University until his death and bequeathed the entire Bocconi family estate to the university his father had founded.