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Global Alumni Scholarship Fund

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Why International Students?

Bocconi is a university projected toward Europe and the world, while remaining strongly rooted in Milan and proud of its traditions. It is home to students and teachers from more than 80 countries who relate to each other in different languages and cultures. As our Rector, Prof. Andrea Sironi says frequently, "The most effective tool we can provide our students to live in a world of increasing tensions between races, cultures, religions and nationalities is the ability to live and work together."

Why a Merit Scholarship?

According to the OECD, more than 4.5 million students study each year at universities outside their home country. This global mobility represents a huge opportunity to attract to Italy and to Bocconi bright young people who will enrich our learning and research environment. Each year Bocconi must compete with the top graduate schools in the world to recruit the very best students who often choose the school that offers the largest scholarship package. Since Bocconi's Masters programs are ranked among the best (Finance 8th and International Management 12th by the Financial Times), we want our financial aid packages to be competitive too.

Why Alumni are supporting the project?

Our Alumni are an important part of the internationalization of the Bocconi community. Our 100,000 Alumni live and work in more than 110 countries and represent Bocconi to the world. The strength of this diverse yet commited community is represented each year at the Global Alumni Conference. On the occasion of the third annual conference held in London in March 2015, the University established the Global Alumni Scholarship Fund to emphasize its dedication to being relevant and active on a global scale. In 2016, as a part of the fundraising Campaign Within Our Reach, we renew our invitation to be part of this project.

We're looking for donors, not just donations. By giving any amount you wish, you will be part of an ambitious project, investing in future generations and you will help Bocconi attract and reward even more outstanding and motivated students.

How will the scholarships be awarded?

Recipients of the scholarship will be selected according to merit from among the top applicants by a Committee nominated by the Rector, including the Dean of the Graduate School and the Dean of International Affairs
The Merit Award will be automatically renewed for the second year provided the required minimum GPA and academic progress is met
The student recipients will be members of the programs that begin the year after we achieve the goal of €35,000 for one full scholarship.