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Priority 1: Faculty and Research

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Priority 1: Faculty and Research

Advance knowledge for a better society

We aim to attract the best professors and researchers from around the world and create named academic positions to recognize the work of our Faculty, to attract the best scholars and thus to strengthen the education we offer.

We will increase investments in research focusing on three relevant areas: new models of governance and institutions, firms and entrepreneurship, and development and sustainability.

Projects to Support

  • Endowed Chairs and Professorships

    Funding an academic position is a meaningful way to associate your name with a particular area of study. Holders of Chairs and Professorships are highly respected and recognized scholars whose work is focused on the strategic priorities of the University and the donor's area of interest. Gifts will establish an endowed fund that is invested for long-term growth. A portion of the income supports the activities of the selected professor while the remainder is reinvested in the principal. This way, the original donation is maintained in perpetuity.
  • Term Chairs and Professorships

    Fund the activities of the selected professor for five years (renewable).
  • Research Laboratories/Observatories

    Finance a specific area of research or recruit the best researchers on the international market.
  • Named Courses

    Enrich a specific area of study with innovative teaching by financing the costs of the course and related activities.
  • Visiting Professors

    Help Bocconi attract internationally renowned professors for short-term appointments to expose our students to new and different methods of teaching and learning.