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Priority 2: Students

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Priority 2: Students

Drive social mobility through education

We attract and educate talented individuals from around the globe to become responsible, well-rounded citizens. Today, one in five students receives financial aid, but we want to do more.
We will drive social mobility through education by opening the University's doors to bright and motivated students regardless of their economic circumstances. Every gift, regardless of amount, makes an impact on our students.

Projects to Support

  • Partial Scholarships

    Help cover annual tuition for bright and motivated students whose families are unable to finance a Bocconi education on their own. Students are selected based upon their academic record and family's economic situation. The support allows them to concentrate on their studies without worrying about finances.
  • Bocconi Merit Award

    Award full-tuition - and in some cases free lodging - based solely on merit to outstanding Italian and international students.
  • "Una scelta possibile"

    Supports students who have been admitted to Bocconi but who come from challenging economic and social situations. The program offers some or all of the following assistance: full or partial tuition waiver, free room and board, funding for books and a personal computer, and additional living expenses. Since not all need is economic, support may include tutoring and academic coaching.
  • Masters, MBA and PhD Scholarships

    Fund talented graduate students with full or partial tuition waivers.
  • International Program Scholarships

    Support deserving students enrolled in the World Bachelor in Business (WBB) or the Mumbai International School of Business (MISB) programs.