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Priority 3: University and Campus

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Priority 3: University and Campus

Enhance campus and academic life at Bocconi.

We are developing the first international collegiate campus in Italy, a state-of-the-art environment with lively cultural and academic activities open to the city of Milan.
Investments in improving existing facilities and building new ones will make Bocconi and Milan more attractive on the competitive world market.
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Projects to support

The University

  • Partners for Development Program.

    The program, comprising a selected group of companies, fosters dialogue on issues of common interest between the University and the business community.
    Members contribute to the ongoing development of Bocconi through the participation of company representatives on two standing committees.
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Existing Campus

  • New Classrooms in the "Velodromo".

    Each classroom in the Velodromo, which hosts most classes on campus, has cutting-edge technology that promotes innovative teaching. Naming these spaces provides a testimony of the importance that physical space plays in building a community and in enhancing learning at Bocconi.
  • Rooms in Residence Halls.

    Many generations of students have a special nostalgia for their experience in the University's residence halls. Naming one of the many rooms on campus honors formative memories and at the same time will support the renovation and maintenance of the facilities for future Bocconi students.

The New Campus

  • New SDA Bocconi Classrooms.

    The new SDA will be the business school of the future. New state-of-the-art classrooms will be equipped with the latest technology to guarantee innovative teaching and constant interaction between students and professors.
  • New Residence Hall Apartments.

    Home to 300 students and professors, the new residence hall will offer common spaces for social interaction and will be a landmark on the new campus.
  • Auditoriums.

    Two large auditoriums (150 and 300 seats) offering cutting-edge technology will host campus and community events year-round.
  • Sport Center.

    The biggest investment in the new campus will house gymnasiums and fitness areas, volleyball and basketball courts, and two swimming pools.
  • Recreation Center.

    Multi-use spaces will be dedicated to various campus initiatives such as music, theater and other activities to provide students a place to enrich their campus experience.