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Of the €86.5 million raised* between 2007 and August 2017, €24.5 million has supported students.

Students are the future - not only of the University but of society as a whole. Therefore we are committed to attracting the best and most motivated young people - recognizing their talent and merit - whatever their economic condition.

*Funds raised refers to cash and formal pledges received.
Funds raised have supported students, including:

• 319 Partial Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students
• 270 Bocconi Merit Awards for graduate students
• 49 "Una Scelta Possibile" Program Scholarships
• 395 Masters, MBA and PhD Scholarships
• 11 Scholarships for International Programs
• 45 additional Scholarships

Stella Mele
M° Francesco Pasquinelli Scholar
Giacomo Gentili
Fondazione Isacchi Samaja Onlus Scholar
Juan Sebastian Marin Ramirez
MBA Reunion Scholar 2014
Giuseppe Leone
Alumni Senior Scholar 2014