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Alumni Senior Scholarship Fund

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Alumni Senior Scholarship Fund

Every year the University and the BAA Bocconi Alumni Association celebrate Alumni who graduated 40, 50, 60 and 70 years ago. In 2017 these are former students from the classes of 1977, 1967, 1957 and 1947.  It's an important milestone and one that we believe can be associated with the future as well. For this reason, we launched a fundraising initiative asking all Alumni who celebrate one of these important anniversaries to make a gift towards the Scholarship Fund established on the occasion of the event.

Supporting the Alumni Senior Scholarship Fund means being part of a wider, more compelling project: the Within Our Reach fundraising Campaign provides the ideal context in which gifts from Alumni can be valued.  Click here to find out more about the many opportunities Alumni have to support deserving students.


A Bocconi experience lasts a lifetime

Making a gift to this Fund is a concrete way to show loyalty to Bocconi and make an exemplary gesture to young Alumni who, in turn, will want to follow suit and help future students as well.
Thanks to a gift of any size, and together with your classmates, you can honor your experience at Bocconi by offering a life-changing opportunity to a deserving student.
Supporting the Alumni Senior Fund is a tangible way to show how your experience at Bocconi has made a difference in your life. Any gift counts!


Why a scholarship?

Bocconi as a nonprofit institution invests significant sums every year to support bright and talented students. But we want to do more and we look to Alumni to help us make Bocconi accessible to students from all backgrounds. We need your support and we ask you to join us in making a gift today.
Thanks to all those who attended the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Alumni Senior celebrations four students have been selected as beneficiaries: Marco Graziano, Giuseppe Leone, Giacomo Loi and Maddalena Cunial. 

Alumni support has been fundamental for Marco, Giuseppe, Giacomo and Maddalena: read about their stories and their Bocconi experience!

Remember: all gifts to Bocconi are tax deductible. 
Thanks for your support!

Alumni Senior Scholars - in their own words

Maddalena Cunial - Alumni Senior Scholar 2016

""Without a partial scholarship, I wouldn't be here now. I am working hard academically and personally to keep it. I'm proud to be the Alumni Senior Scholar! Being able to speak with people who have been on the same path as me and who have made the same life choices is reassuring on one hand and on the other inspires me to leave my comfort zone to achieve the goals I've set for myself, just like the Alumni who have come before me.
I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the donors supporting me. Knowing that there are people who care so much about the future of students like myself makes me even more convinced about choosing this University. My heartfelt thanks for allowing me to be here and giving me the chance to fulfil my dreams."

Giuseppe Leone - Alumni Senior Scholar 2014

"Being a beneficiary of Alumni support is not a finish line but a starting point. I'm truly honored, and receiving it gives me responsibility. I want to seize this opportunity to thank concretely the people who've had faith in me, and I'd like one day to be able to do the same for other students."

Giuseppe Leone, from Apulia, was born in 1995 and moved to Milan when quite young to attend Teulié military-scientific high school. He is now in his third year of Business Administration and Management. He excels in his studies and is involved in numerous extracurricular activities.
In 2017/18 he attended the first semester of his third year at scuola partner Bocconi UIBE - University of International Business and Economics di Pechino, one of Bocconi's International Partner Schools.
The experience in China was such a great success that Giuseppe decided to apply for the China MIM Program, organized jointly by Bocconi and Fudan University. He was admitted and he will start his MSc experience in China in September 2017.

Marco Graziano - Alumni Senior Scholar 2013

"I wish to thank from my heart all the donors for their support and for the trust they have shown in me by granting me the first Bocconi Alumni Senior Scholarship. It is an important acknowledgement that I hope I can succeed in fully deserving by developing my abilities to the utmost. The chance to succeed at this is the greatest gift that can be offered to an earnest young person."

Marco Graziano, a native of La Spezia born in 1994, enrolled in the first year of the Bachelor program in International Economics, Management and Finance and, having completed that year with flying colors, decided to change programs and move to Economics and Social Sciences. In addition to his successful studies, he is active in editorial and student association work. Marco obtained his degree in July 2016 with outstanding grades (110 cum laude!) and now he is enrolled at Oxford in the MPhil in Economics.
The Project
The Alumni Senior Scholarship Fund finances exemptions from tuition and fees for outstanding students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program who are from families with low and medium incomes and would not otherwise be able to pursue their educational career at Bocconi. The fund provides an exemption of payment of the 2nd and 3rd installments of tuition and fees, which can be reconfirmed in the years after the first year, if merit requirements are met.

With your help, we will collect additional funds for these benefits and we can attract the best students, regardless of their families' economic conditions.

Scholarship allocation criteria

● Recipients will be selected according to the University's standard criteria, based on applicants' scholastic curriculum and results of the admissions test. In addition, for the nominal allocation of the Alumni Senior Scholarship, students interested in competing for the benefit will be required to submit a short essay discussing the concepts of solidarity and community and explain the significance Alumni support of their Alma Mater has for them.
● A preview of the results of the fundraising will be provided during the Alumni Senior lunch on 11 November 2017.
● The announcement of the recipients of the Alumni Senior Scholarship will take place during the traditional BAA Christmas Dinner, held in December 2017.