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MBA Reunion Scholarship Fund

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MBA Reunion Scholarship Fund
Do you remember the moment when you first decided to get an MBA? What if you had had someone to count on; someone who had taken the same steps before you?

A SDA Bocconi MBA is much more than a Master.  It's the gateway to a special network: Alumni who support each other and encourage younger colleagues as they start on the same path, and help them get oriented in the complicated job market.

To foster and build upon this spirit of solidarity among generations of MBA students, SDA Bocconi established the MBA Reunion Scholarship Fund in 2013 to support outstanding students by funding scholarships.

Every gift counts: by giving any amount you wish, you will be part of an ambitious project,  investing in future generations and in educational excellence.  Your support will help us attract and reward even more outstanding and motivated students. In addition, donations from Italian taxpayers are completely tax deductible.

Make a gift to support the next generations of MBA students!

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You can make a donation even if you're not attending the Reunion.

Supporting the new generations of students is another form of "participation", demonstrating your sense of belonging to the School and your class, with the same team spirit that characterized your days at SDA Bocconi.

In their own words

Mariano Di Rienzo, MBA 42

Mariano, born in 1986, is the first Italian recipient of the Fund. A native of Pescara, he earned a Bachelor degree with a top grade of 110 at the Politecnico delle Marche. He went on to get a Master degree at the Politecnico di Milano with a research project conducted during an exchange at the University of Illinois in Chicago.
Before deciding to enroll in the MBA, he worked five years as a consultant at Deloitte in Rome, dealing mainly with projects related to Telecom Italia (now TIM).
Mariano was selected for the scholarship not only for his excellent résumé, but also because of his active community engagement. For example, he has been a volunteer in the pediatric ward of the hospital in Pescara, and organized meetings with foreigners for language lessons and socializing while living in Rome. Mariano is also co-founder of a startup.

"I chose to get my MBA at SDA Bocconi because I love my country and I am very proud to be Italian, and this is where I see my future career. I think that Italy is a wonderful country that has given me a lot, and I hope one day to be able to give something back.
Precisely for this reason, I believe that the commitment of the Bocconi Alumni to support a scholarship for today's students is something wonderful: helping to build what the Americans call "Giving back". As an Italian, I would describe it as a virtuous cycle that creates a strong sense of belonging to the Bocconi community. A community which I am proud to have joined. Thank you, thank you so much! "

Juan Sebastián Marín Ramirez, MBA 40

Juan Sebastián Marín Ramirez comes from Colombia and was selected from a pool of outstanding applicants. 
Thirty years old, he has a bachelor's degree in economics and finance, ranking in the top 3% in his class, and five years of professional experience in the banking sector. Upon learning of the scholarship in October 2014, Juan Sebastián said that he is deeply honored and very grateful.

Your support truly made all the difference to Juan and he describe his year in Bocconi with the following words:
"My MBA at SDA Bocconi has been an incredible experience. From learning about subjects that I have never studied before and getting to know people from all over the world, to sharing moments and making friendships that will last long after the MBA, the opportunity to be here is something that will have an impact for the rest of my life. Studying at Bocconi has given me the opportunity of having a unique international experience. Meeting and working together with people from all over the world was one of my main motivations to come to Italy. Tackling challenging assignments with my friends, where each one of us brings his own perspective, experience and culture is always very rewarding when we look at what we can achieve. All things considered, the MBA experience has enriched me tremendously both professionally and personally. All of this has only been possible thanks to the support of the Alumni donors to the Scholarship Fund. Thank you!"

Watch Juan's video

Angeline Chen, MBA 39

Angeline is a global citizen. Raised in Shanghai, she has a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Shanghai Institute of Business and Technology where she earned the rank of "first class honor award" each school year. In her eight years of professional experience in marketing, Angeline worked in consultancy on brands including Apple, Adidas, and Sony and Chanel.

Thanks to the MBA Reunion Scholarship she completed the Luxury Business Management Track MBA at SDA Bocconi in December 2014.

Your support truly made all the difference to Angeline. She recently shared these thoughts with us:
"This was a year of personal development and just like most of you, I refer to my time at SDA Bocconi as the best year of my life. I never have experienced something as unique, rich and intensive as this program. My class is an extraordinary mix of vibrant and inspirational people: throughout every team project and group assignment we learned to motivate, to persuade, to observe, to listen. This MBA will define my future and if not for this scholarship none of this would be possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!".

Watch Angeline's video

Why should I support the MBA Reunion Scholarship Fund?

Why a scholarship?

Did you know that Bocconi was founded thanks to a gift?
Ferdinando Bocconi was a philanthropic pioneer; a successful entrepreneur, he founded the University by establishing an an endowment in memory of his son Luigi.
As a non-profit organization and institution of higher education, from the moment of its founding through today, Bocconi believes that investing in young people, in scientific research and in human capital will stimulate economic growth, development and social mobility.
This is why, for more than a century, it has educated leaders able to take up the challenges of the future business world, forging and preparing brilliant ypoung people equipped with social consciousness, ethics and a sense of responsibility.
Supporting the MBA Reunion Scholarship Fund is therefore not only a gesture honoring your SDA Bocconi experience or a way of helping others: more importantly, it's a strategic investment in the future.
To make its programs accessible to the most promising and motivated students, each year SDA Bocconi and Bocconi invest in scholarships and financial aid. But this isn't enough: our objective is to keep doing more. And to do more, we need the support of all Alumni: together, we can show the strength of your bond with the School, united in a pact between generations.

Results achieved so far

Thanks to the support of classmates from the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Reunion editions, the University has given concrete help to three students: Angeline Chen, Juan Sebàstian Marin Ramirez and Mariano di Rienzo received scholarships for the Full-Time MBA Program.
And, thanks to the support of Alumni from the 2016 edition, a scholarship will be allocated for the upcoming 2017-2018 edition. Selection of the candidate for MBA 43 edition will begin soon.


How are scholarships assigned?

● Recipients of the scholarship will be selected according to merit by a committee made up of School leadership.
● The scholarship will be assigned to an applicant to the MBA programs starting in 2017-2018 based on the scholarship application and demonstrated commitment and engagement in their local or university community.