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MPA Scholarship Fund

What does it mean to pursue an MPA?

A Master of Public Administration is an enriching experience through which students hone their public management competencies to make a significant impact on public, private, and third sector institutions. However, a SDA Bocconi MPA is much more than a Master. It's also the gateway to a special network of influential Alumni who support each other and encourage younger colleagues as they start on the same path, helping to orient them in the complicated job market.

The MPA Scholarship Fund is a student-led initiative to create a long-lasting impact through the empowerment of women from the Global. The collaboration of a group of highly skilled MPA students, the outstanding educational platform offered by SDA Bocconi, and its network of organizational and individual partners creates the ideal conditions tackle the issue of gender inequality head-on.

Our mission is to provide a scholarship for highly motivated women from the Global South to join SDA Bocconi's MPA. Through participation in the program, these women will become better equipped to enrich the public sector of their home countries, triggering positive spillover effects for society as a whole.

Every gift counts: by giving any amount you wish, you will be part of an ambitious project, investing in future generations and in educational excellence. Your support will help us attract and reward even more outstanding and motivated students. In addition, donations from Italian taxpayers are completely tax deductible.

Make a gift now to support the next generation of MPA Students!

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What inspired you to dedicate your life to public service?
"Before coming to Bocconi, I worked for two years in Morocco with the United States Peace Corps. I was struck by the lack of educational and career opportunities for girls , even in a rapidly developing country. I worked in leadership camps with young women who wanted to be teachers, doctors, journalists, translators, and lawyers, but who didn't have the means to move away from home to study in the nearest city, much less at a foreign institution. I met women who didn't have support - financial or moral - from their own families to study or pursue career ambitions, but studied despite societal pressure, or being told they couldn't succeed because they were women. As each week of camp concluded, I saw young women walk out a little more confident, and a little more determined to achieve their aspirations. The hardships, but also the inspiration, that I beheld in Morocco instilled in me a desire to work in the public and nonprofit sectors to address gender inequality around the world, giving more women the opportunity to rise up and achieve whatever they want to."  - Alina Urbanic, United States, MPA1 2017

"I live in an unequal country where a lot of people are suffering the consequences of the political situation and I could not picture myself working in the private sector. I feel that the great opportunities that I had in terms of welfare and education are the result of an unfair distribution of the resources in my country, and I am convinced that the outcomes of this Master program have to be delivered back to the public, in forms of work and commitment to the people who are suffering the consequences of that inequality."  - Ana Lucía Canales, Mexico, MPA1 2017

"My experience of studying at SDA Bocconi gave me invaluable knowledge and career opportunity through exposure to arts and heritage management, policy analysisand experiential visits to public agencies and global corporations in Milan I would recommend to anyone committed to improving their country's public sector or global governance to join the MPA of SDA Bocconi School of Management."  - Milena Stefanovic, Serbia, MPM 2005; Assistant Lecturer and PhD Candidate at University of Arts, Belgrade
Why should I support the MPA Scholarship Fund?

Why a scholarship?

Did you know that Bocconi was founded thanks to a gift?
Ferdinando Bocconi was a philanthropic pioneer; a successful entrepreneur, he founded the University by establishing an an endowment in memory of his son Luigi.
As a non-profit organization and institution of higher education, from the moment of its founding through today, Bocconi believes that investing in young people, in scientific research and in human capital will stimulate economic growth, development and social mobility.
This is why, for more than a century, it has educated leaders able to take up the challenges of the future business world, forging and preparing brilliant ypoung people equipped with social consciousness, ethics and a sense of responsibility.
Supporting the MPA Scholarship Fund is therefore not only a gesture honoring your SDA Bocconi experience or a way of helping others: more importantly, it's a strategic investment in the future.
To make its programs accessible to the most promising and motivated students, each year SDA Bocconi and Bocconi invest in scholarships and financial aid. But this isn't enough: our objective is to keep doing more. And to do more, we need the support of all Alumni: together, we can show the strength of your bond with the School, united in a pact between generations.

How are scholarships assigned?

● Recipients of the scholarship will be selected according to merit by a committee made up of School leadership.
● The scholarship will be assigned to an applicant to the MPA program starting in 2017-2018 based on the scholarship application and demonstrated commitment and engagement in their local or university community.